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See Rox Run is one of San Diego's highest-rated

Professional Organizers on Angieslist!

A sampling of client reviews:

I have used Rox's services regularly over the past 6 months for errands, house cleaning, and odd jobs associated with managing a property.


I have come to rely on her clear communication and level-headed decisions. It's a relief not to have to micromanage each project. I greatly appreciate her quick responses via text and her ability to be available at a moment's notice.


More than once she has swooped in and saved the day. I highly recommend this woman!


-Hillary T.  



Rox has helped me with SO many projects since I first moved to San Diego about a year ago.


She helped me find an apartment for starters - organizing a search and sending me pictures and updates until we found a place. She's helped me with Ikea and Craigslist and Costco furniture pickup.


She's worked for me as the front-of-house for a concert I organized. She's helped with airport runs, sewing projects, packing boxes for a move, doing small repairs around my home, mounting a flat screen TV on the wall, and the list goes on and on.


She is ALWAYS on time, always prepared with the right tools, and she has a great minivan to help you haul things too. Oh, and did I mention that she has a coworker she can bring along to help with heavy jobs?


I pretty much described WHAT Rox does in the paragraph above this. But in terms of how it goes, Rox shows up on time, communicates clearly by phone or text where appropriate, always has the right tools and apparel, and is generally more trustworthy with the details than your best friend would be in the same situation. She could easily run a small corporation efficiently without any additional training IMHO, and if I had a business I would hire her in a heartbeat.


-Julie P



I initially hired Rox (sole proprietor of See Rox Run) in mid 2011 to assist me with scheduling several repair and decor projects in my home. She quickly and efficiently helped me organize my to-do list, and I’m thrilled with the results!


I now call her weekly with new projects I want done or new problems I need solved, and within moments of hearing from me, she is on her way getting the results I desire.


I have entrusted Rox with home maintenance projects large and small. She’s overseen the successful completion of multiple jobs from start to finish, including the careful selection of competent professional contractors such as a plumber, a carpet-cleaner, house-painters, art installers, and an electrician.


She’s met my challenging schedule requirements and managed all projects independently, which has enabled me to continue my own work without interruption.


In addition to paying strict attention to important details, Rox has a creative side and great aesthetic sensibility. In everything from beautifully gift wrapping presents to designing & ordering personal business cards, she has proven to be a trusted advisor when it comes to style.


As my representative, Rox has now engaged an interior design team and is updating my home. I have also asked Rox to make phone calls and do research on my behalf, make deliveries and drop off donations (which she’s done using her own spacious vehicle), and prepare time-sensitive items for mailing.


I feel confident that she always has my best-interest in mind and represents me in a professional manner. Rox is trustworthy and responsible, works efficiently but not hastily, and will be a valuable and reliable resource for many years to come.


-Jennifer D




Before you, I didn't get half as much stuff done in a week as I am getting done now. The fact that you're right around the corner and able to do small errands at odd times really makes a huge difference. Plus, the fact that you can sew and saw and come up with creative solutions to all kinds of household problems is mind boggling! The fact that you have a van also makes a big difference, because many of my other assistants only had little cars so large- scale errands weren't as easy. Not that I've ever filled your van to the max, but knowing I could is reassuring!


Also, your environmentalism is really important to me. I felt a little silly asking other assistants to take my recycling to the recycling center ('but why can't you just use blue bags?'). You really get how important conservation, reusing, and recycling are, and you factor that into all the decisions you make and the advice you give me. ("Melissa, let's start off selling this stuff on Craigslist because it's local, and then if it doesn't sell, we can move on to Ebay"). I don't have to explain to you why I don't want to solve a problem using a plastic container!


In addition to being incredibly timely, always easy to get in touch with, whip smart, and local, your gifts as a seamstress make you twice as valuable. Everyone has stuff that needs a tiny bit of tailoring: a hole to be sewn, pants to be hemmed. You took in my favorite pair of pants and now they're double favorites! All the things that needed a slight fix are now good as new and ready to wear...and the stuff that turned out to be not so great, you whisked away to donate!


I could go on and on about how you found a way to saw some boards so I'd have custom-sized shelves... your patience with last-minute calls to get "just one more thing while you're there"... your enthusiasm for doing the errands I have NO enthusiasm for... and most of all, your presence.


Many people will gladly take money in return for doing chores, but don't have their heart in it. You really bring your whole self to the task, and as a result, things get done quicker, more thoroughly, and more intelligently. If I have a particular thing that needs doing, I can relax, knowing that if there is a better way to do it, you'll find that way. I don't have to do all the thinking-- you take charge of tasks and get them done in the best possible way. This is something intangible, yet ultimately it's the most valuable thing that separates See Rox Run from the rest. Besides the name, of course, which can't be beat!


Truly, Rox, you are a gem. I can't thank you enough for saving me from the onslaught of my life. I can't recommend you enough, or sing your praises more thoroughly.


-----Ah, that was fun!


Thanks, thanks, thanks!




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