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About Rox

I'm a native Michigander, but I spent many years living in Chicago, California, New Mexico, and other great places. I'm pretty happy wherever the sun is shining.

I started this business because of my propensity to ask questions and solve problems. Re-arranging & organizing has been an addiction since childhood.

I enjoy helping people define & reach goals, increase productivity, and design attractive, functional living & work spaces. Working with you to develop lifestyle-enhancing behaviors is as rewarding to me as it is to you; your success is my success.


I've developed a unique skill-set working in multiple industries in different places over the years. From auto factory laborer to concert & event production manager, I've worked with people from all walks of life and I've learned valuable lessons from most of them.

My clients have praised my efficiency, discretion, and attention to ergonomic and aesthetic detail. I'm tech-savvy, handy with tools, and able to quickly grasp difficult concepts. I work with integrity and hire only highly-rated subcontractors. I recommend well-designed, environmentally-conscious products.


I'm vegetarian, a cancer survivor, and a Sagittarius. I value honesty, personal growth, and inclusion. I support all human & animal rights, and I believe we must work harder, together, to create a healthy climate for all species to thrive.

{ey-mee-uh-buhl} adj.
Having or showing pleasant, good-natured personal qualities; affable: an amiable disposition.​


{helpfuhl} adj.
Giving or rendering aid or assistance:

"Your comments were very helpful."


{kree-ey-tiv} adj.
1.Having the quality or power of creating. 2. resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imaginative


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